Case #Legal CategoryArts CategoryClient TypeDescription
18-585OtherVisual ArtPro Bono

Contract: Scholarship. 18-585 NFP educational group needs help setting up a scholarship program for art students.

18-657Commercial Litigation/ADR/Other ClaimsDance, Film/TV, Music, Performance Art, Theater, Visual ArtPro Bono

Dispute: Film. 18-657 Freelance camera-man was notified by his ISP that they planned to disclose his name in connection with an alleged illegal download of a movie. According to the client, he has not illegally downloaded any movies. Client needs legal advice regarding the best course of action.

18-708Commercial Litigation/ADR/Other ClaimsMusicPro Bono

Dispute: Breach of Contract 18-708 Rap artist paid a producer to mix and master the tracks that the producer recorded for the artist, but the producer never finished the mastering. Client would like the tracks to be returned to her so that she can work with them; or, in the alternative, Client would accept a refund of the amounts she paid to the producer.

18-759Copyright InfringementFilm/TVPro Bono

Copyright: Film. 18-759 Client inherited home movies that her grandfather shot in the 1920s. Clips from those movies were recently included in a documentary film without Client's consent. Client needs help evaluating and enforcing her rights.

18-763Business Startup/Corporate, ContractsFilm/TVPro Bono

Start-up: Multimedia. 18-763 A filmmaker, and a comedian and an accountant are collaborating to create content for the internet. They need start-up advice and help drafting Articles of Organization.

19-006Business Startup/CorporateVisual ArtPro Bono

Start-up: Visual Art. 19-006 Muralist who merges historic themes with graffiti like images needs start-up advice and one standardized agreement for his customers.

19-024ContractsVisual ArtPro Bono

Contract: Visual Art. 19-024 Freelance Illustrator needs two contracts, one for the customrers who hire her to do illustrations and one for collaborators. The collaborators may be experienced illustrators or interns.

19-027Business Startup/Corporate, ContractsTheater, Visual Art, OtherPro Bono

Start-up NFP: Multimedia. 19-027 NFP that does multimedia art needs start-up help and advice regarding a contract for a large scale weekend long event.

19-032Copyright Protection/LicensingMusicPro Bono

Copyright: Music. 19-032 NFP Jazz group is planning to offer a podcast and needs legal advice regarding music licensing. Client needs help understanding what licenses he needs for playing recorded music on the podcast, playing live music on the podcast and offering the podcast for download.

19-034ContractsFilm/TV, MusicPro Bono

Contracts: Music. 19-034 Music producer needs counsel to review a two page Remix Agreement with a major record label.

19-035Real Estate/Landlord-TenantFilm/TVPro Bono

Mortgage Foreclosure: 19-035 Multimedia producer fell behind with his FHA mortgage payments and applied for a mortgage modification. Lender approved the modification. Before signing, Client would like counsel to review the documents.

19-046NFP AdviceTheaterPro Bono

NFP: Theater. 19-046 NFP Theater group needs legal help dissolving the NFP corporation and terminating the 501(c)3 tax exemption.

19-055ContractsFilm/TV, MusicPro Bono

Start-up: Music. Licensing agent who helps musicians find opportunities to license their music for film and TV needs start-up advice and two contracts, an Exclusive Representation Agreement for the musician clients, and a Sync License that would be between his company and the licensees.

19-065Real Estate/Landlord-TenantMusic, Performance Art, Theater, Visual ArtPro Bono

Dispute: Landlord Tenant. 19-065 Artist tenants need help resolving a dispute with their landlord. The landlord claims that they breached the lease by causing damage to the property and by vacating before the end of the term. Cleint's position is that they have not breached the terms of the lease. Clients need help addressing these issues.