Representing the LCA Visual Artist

Representing the LCA Visual Artist:

Consignment of Art (1.0 CLE Hours)

Selected Topics and Model Agreements Covered in Video and Materials

Business of Visual Art


Illinois Consignment of Art Act

Consignment Agreement

Delivery, Risk of Loss, & Title

Pricing and Payments


Artist's Protections

Works Schedule


Speaker: Coco Soodek

Founder - Seasongood Law, Inc.

Coco is a corporate lawyer with 20 years’ experience, creating companies and doing deals. She helps business people around the world identify risk and adopt strategies to manage it, negotiate and close deals, and manage all aspects of their businesses. Coco is oddly passionate about writing contracts that clearly map the business deal and reduce exposure to liability. She works in a wide range of industries including art, digital media, events, entertainment, advertising, e-commerce, manufacturing, trucking, warehousing, renewable energy, hotel development, consumer products, apparel, restaurants, firearms and retail.

Coco has also invented a legal specialty called “Business Marriage Counseling,” in which she works with feuding business owners either to repair relationships among business owners or to gently break their business apart.

Coco is deeply committed to her life as a business lawyer. Uptown, Coco works with smaller companies and entrepreneurs at Seasongood Law, Inc., a law firm she founded to provide contracts, counseling and classes to small businesspeople who don’t yet need the fire power of a full service law firm. Coco is passionate about helping her clients manage risk and make money.

Coco also founded and leads Profit and Laws, Inc., a business advisory firm that coaches small business owners in starting and running their businesses, as well as big companies marketing to them. Profit and Laws, Inc. partners with experts in the fields of finance, economics, law, marketing, insurance, real estate, product development and general business services to empower entrepreneurs at all levels through incisive, empathetic coaching, immersive educational experiences and how-to guides for business. As a business advisor, Coco uses creativity, curiosity, sophistication and empathy to help clients reengineer their business strategies, enabling them to focus on what they love to do and to make money from it.