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Lawyers for the Creative Arts Associate Board

About the LCA Associate Board

View the images and flyers below to learn more about the exciting events the Associate Board presents.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Associate Board, please email Nicole Schonitzer at


Associate Board Executive Board Officers

Jeffrey Becker

Vice President
Michelle Wahl

Gina Gerardi

Associate Board Executive Board At Large Members and Committee Chairs

Jessica Bahr
Jack Burnett
Jed Enlow
Deanna Kunze
Travis Life
David Lindner
Cat Tiu

General Body

Amy Adler
Amanda Alasauskas
Myka Bell
Brent D. Butcher
Kevin Chin
David M. Cummings
Sarah Dale
Brett Doran
Ross M. Drath 
Stephen M. Eckert
Jessica A. Ekhoff
Karl Felbinger
Ehren M. Fournier
Joshua Frick
Andrea S. Fuelleman
John C. Hammerle
Gwen Hochman Stewart
Janelle Ja
Aric Jacover
Dino Kourelis
Brett A. Manchel
Kenneth Matuszewski
Michael R. McGovern
Odell Mitchell, III
John George Moustis, Jr.
Catherine E. O'Brien
Michael Reed
Adam Reis 
Chanda A. Rice
Brian A. Rosenblatt
Ana Ruge-Rodela
Helen M. Schweitz
Justin J. Shlensky
Adam Smestad
Shawn Smith 
​Rachael Stack
Joseph J. Stafford
​Reeya Thrakrar
Carlos Villalobos
William J. Voller
Ilya G. Zlatkin



Highlights from the Associate Board Events Archive

​Television Production Law Panel
Must-Knows for Filming in Chicago Presentation
Gallery 2505 Event
Spring Shindy 2014