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Case # Legal Category Arts Category Client Type Description
18-413 Performance Art, Visual Art, Other Pro Bono

NFP Tax Exemption. 18-413 NFP needs help completing their 1023 application for a 501(c) 3 tax exemption and drafting organization bylaws.

18-582 Film/TV, Music, Visual Art Pro Bono

Contract Review. 18-582 Client has agreed to represent a visual artist and needs counsel to review the contract proposed by the artist.

18-585 Visual Art Pro Bono

Contract: Scholarship. 18-585 NFP educational group needs help setting up a scholarship program for art students.

18-611 Theater Pro Bono

Tax: Theater. 18-611 Theatre group needs counsel to review its compliance with employment tax regulations.

18-615 Film/TV Pro Bono

Start-up: Film. 18-615. Student filmmaker needs counsel to review his LLC operating agreement and draft a script license.

18-633 Film/TV Pro Bono

Contract Review: 18-633 Television. Producer of a television drama needs counsel to review a distribution agreement.

18-639 Visual Art Paying

Dispute: Breach of Contract. 18-639 Sculptor entered into a written agreement with a suburban village to create an outdoor art installation. The project is partially completed and the village terminated the agreement, claiming that the artist failed to follow proper procedures before collecting amounts that were paid. Client needs help evaluating his options.

18-640 Film/TV, Music, Visual Art Pro Bono

Contracts: Visual Art. 18-640 Client needs help setting up an online auction for works of visual art.

18-641 Film/TV, Literature Pro Bono

Contract: Television. 18-641 Author of a best-selling children's book plans to pitch the idea for a television series based on the book to various networks and needs a shopping agreement.

18-645a Visual Art Pro Bono

Patent or Trade Secret:18-645a Multimedia artist needs help evaluating the best intellectual property protection for her unique process for crafting glass sculptures.

18-645b Visual Art Pro Bono

Start-up: 18-645b Multimedia Artist. Multimedia artist needs start-up advice and help with business structure.

18-649 Film/TV, Music Pro Bono

Dispute: Breach of Contract. 18-649 Film producer entered into a written agreement with a distributor who has failed to perform according to the agreement Client needs help evaluating her options.

18-650 Dance, Performance Art, Theater Pro Bono

Immigration.18-650 Artist on an OPT visa, that expires in February, needs help evaluating her options for staying in the US. She is currently performing as one of the lead characters in a major production.

18-651 Film/TV, Theater, Visual Art Pro Bono

Contract Review. 18-651 Actress needs counsel to review and provide legal advice regarding two agreements, one is a management agreement and the other is a talent agreement.

18-657 Dance, Film/TV, Music, Performance Art, Theater, Visual Art Pro Bono

Dispute: Film. 18-657 Freelance camera-man was notified by his ISP that they planned to disclose his name in connection with an alleged illegal download of a movie. According to the client, he has not illegally downloaded any movies. Client needs legal advice regarding the best course of action.

18-660 Film/TV Pro Bono

Start-up: Film. 18-660 Film-maker who is operating as a single member LLC, wants to bring in two new members. Client needs help documenting the transaction.