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Case # Legal Category Arts Category Client Type Description
16-426 Film/TV, Music, Performance Art Pro Bono

Client wants to film and produce a series about street musicians in Chicago hosted by former street musicians. He needs assistance with business formation and startup, including IP protection and help securing licenses/assignments and/or work for hire agreements from participants. He may also have general questions about permitting or other legal requirements when out shooting footage.

16-432 Other Pro Bono

An author seeks help with a publishing contract dispute. Her publisher has failed to perform and is selling Client's book online without Client's consent. Client would like help either terminating the contract or compelling the publisher to perform.

16-516 Dance, Film/T.V., Music, Performance Art, Theater Pro Bono

A concert promoter needs help securing P3 Visas for performing artists from Pakistan.

16-598 Film/TV, Literature, Music, Other, Theater Pro Bono

A writer who did a radio interview of a well-known music professional, wants to write a book about the experience and needs legal advice regarding rights of publicity.

16-634 Music Pro Bono

A poet and songwriter recently started a music publishing company and needs start-up advice and help protecting his intellectual property.

17-056 Visual Art Paying

Client creates large scale outdoor art and has been asked to participate in a community redevelopment project. Client needs help drafting and negotiating an agreement that fairly compensates him for the work that he is doing as an artist and the work that he is doing as a consultant.

17-079 Literature Pro Bono

Client has written a three parodies of popular children's books and would like counsel to evaluate the extent to which his work would be considered fair use.

17-116 Visual Art Pro Bono

A cross-stitch artist needs intellectual property advice.

17-124 Music Pro Bono

A music composer needs a license agreement to allow a video producer to use her music.

17-158 Film/TV, Literature, Music, Performance Art, Theater, Visual Art Pro Bono

A poet who writes about race and relationships, needs a collaboration agreement with an illustrator for work they are doing together including a soon to be published book of poetry.

17-164 Visual Art Pro Bono

The publisher of a recently relaunched art magazine believes that another entity is going to publish its own magazine using the registered trademark for the recently relaunched art magazine. Client needs help with a cease and desist letter.

17-166 Film/TV, Literature, Music, Theater Pro Bono

Client is a small NFP that preserves and shares the history of one of Chicago's greatest disasters. Recently, a theatrical performance about the event, nominated for multiple awards, was produced. Client has a verbal agreement with the writers to allow Client to license the production to other theaters around the country and internationally. Client needs help formalizing their agreement with the copyright holders and a template agreement for use with the theaters who will license the work.

17-168 Film/TV Pro Bono

A producer of a documentary film needs two agreements drafted. She needs a deal memo with the Executive Producer who hired her to do the project; and an agreement with the Director of Photography setting out their respective roles and responsibilities.

17-174 Film/TV, Music Pro Bono

A videographer with a newly established business needs a contract for use with her customers.

17-177 Theater Pro Bono

A playwright, who would like to purchase an option to create a narrative collage of the work of a famous author, needs advice on drafting a term sheet to use as a proposal to license the authors rights.

17-181 Literature Pro Bono

Client, an out of work PhD, seeks help terminating a self-publishing contract due to nonperformance, errors making changes to the manuscript, and concerns about print quality. She needs immediate help responding to a letter from the publisher and would like to negotiate to obtain the book's digital files so that she can release the book through another publisher.

17-183 Other Pro Bono

Clients plan to open a facility to teach glass-blowing; and to sell jewelry and pipes. They need legal advice regarding business structure and two contracts, one for workshop participants and one for artist collaborators. They also need advice regarding local licensing requirements.

17-184 Film/TV, Visual Art Pro Bono

Client needs legal advice regarding business structure, she runs an annual film festival and curates art events. She has run shows with video art as well as 2D and 3D art installations.

17-187 Dance, Film/TV, Literature, Music, Performance Art, Theater, Visual Art, Other Pro Bono

A NFP teen writing program, that was disbanded several years ago, needs help reinstating their 501(c)3 status.

17-191 Visual Art Pro Bono

Client lost his studio in a foreclosure action and needs help evaluating whether there are any options for him at this time. He claims that he paid the loan balance off in full and that the mortgage lien should have been released; but he lost in the circuit court, and the appellate court; then the Illinois Supreme Court declined the case.

17-192 Theater Pro Bono

A script-writer, Client, who is writing about life on the south side of Chicago in the 1950's and 1960's, needs legal advice regarding the publicity rights of a semi-public figure that the writer would like to feature in his story. Client would also like help securing a license to those rights, if that is what's recommended.

17-199 Music Pro Bono

A rap artist, Client, entered into two agreements with a manager who has failed to perform as promised. The manager agreed but failed to update Client's social media sites, list Client on the managers website and generally increase Client's exposure in the music world. Client needs help terminating the contracts.

17-201 Film/TV Pro Bono

A documentary filmmaker, Client, is in post-production of a film about a contemporary artist. The artist is now, for the first time, questioning filmmaker's artistic choices. The artist signed an agreement and a release prior to filming and the filmmaker needs legal review of those documents to understand his rights going forward.

17-215 Music Pro Bono

A pianist entered into a record distribution agreement with a Japanese company in 2014 and believes that his album is selling, There was a copy of it in a local record store, Client has never received any royalties. Client needs help getting royalty statements and collecting amounts he is owed.

17-232 Music, Other Pro Bono

Producers of a podcast launched in January, 2017 need help registering the trademark and a logo for their podcast. Client also needs counsel to send a cease and desist letter to another group who started their own podcast in April 2017 using the same mark and a similar logo.