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Case # Legal Category Arts Category Client Type Description
18-358 Performance Art Contingent Fee (PB Eligible)

Dispute: Consumer. 18-358 Singer song-writer purchased a used car and paid for a Service Contract that she believed was an extended warranty. The car had serious problems immediately after the purchase. Both the dealer and the administrator of the Service Contract have denied the client’s claims for repairs. Client needs advice on whether to accept a settlement by the dealer, or to pursue further possible remedies, possibly on a contingent fee basis.

18-447 Film/TV Pro Bono

Right to Privacy: Clearance. 18-447 Screenwriter wrote a fictional screen play based on a true story, and needs help evaluating potential risks of shopping the work.

18-519 Film/TV, Visual Art Pro Bono

Business Start-up: Film. 18-519 Filmmaker, producing a short dramatic film about life in rural Illinois, needs help with business structure.

18-529 Other Pro Bono

Contract and Copyright: Visual Art. 18-529 Trading card game producer needs a contract for artists who will be contributing artwork to the trading cards and advice regarding copyright registration.

18-535 Music Pro Bono

Dispute: Collection. 18-535 Music educator needs help collecting amounts owed for services rendered, he may have a claim that he was misclassified as an independent contractor.