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Case # Legal Category Arts Category Client Type Description
15-403 b Literature, Visual Art Pro Bono

A visual artist needs advice on claims related to flood damage to her condo unit. She is disabled and unable to afford legal counsel.

16-016 Literature Pro Bono

The author of a nonfiction text on African American history has discovered that a former colleague is selling his book with a different binding. He’d like legal help addressing this matter before he releases a new edition.

16-041 Music Pro Bono

A gospel song composer seeks help recovering royalties. She licensed rights for several cover songs and received royalties for some use. The covers are still being distributed and there is also a ring tone using one of her songs. She states she has registered copyrights in the work.

16-055 Film/TV, Theater Pro Bono

A writer seeks legal help securing the rights to a movie or book to be adapted for stage performance.

16-068 Music Pro Bono

A rap artist seeks to recover money he paid to a promoter who never performed the services that were promised.

16-075 Other Pro Bono

Client used certain song lyrics stamped into her original jewelry designs. A third party retail site removed the content from her web page and she needs advice.

16-105 Visual Art Pro Bono

Client, an art student, accepted a commission to create and install public art and has run into difficulty negotiating the cost and method to enlarge images. He also needs advice on his license to use images for this project.

16-226 Film/TV Pro Bono

A local filmmaker has a contract dispute with a film agent. They terminated their agreement but failed to agree on a settlement amount. Client needs help obtaining royalty statements from the agent and collecting amounts owed.

16-256 Visual, Other Pro Bono

A glass artist with physical disabilities needs help resolving contract disputes with two arts service organizations.

16-258 Other Pro Bono

Client runs an art supply business and believes she was scammed into placing an order for a fictitious person who either refuted the credit card charge or used another person's credit card without authorization. Client placed the order through a third party payment service which is now trying to collect the amount charged from Client and that put her account on hold, interrupting her small business.

16-283 Film/TV Pro Bono

A video editor needs help collecting a debt for services rendered..

16-325 Film/TV, Music, Theater Pro Bono

Client seeks copyright counsel and review of claims with producers who appear to have taken advantage of her by using her work beyond the scope of any agreement. Client lives on low income in southern Illinois and shared screenplays and stage plays with the expectation of compensation. She has very limited knowledge of copyright law and offered, over email, to create some content as works for hire. She seems to be taken advantage of but it may be that parties simply lacked counsel and need help setting out terms on paper.

16-368 Visual Art Pro Bono

Client generated several logos, branding, graphic design and signage for a school in Wisconsin and seeks legal advice. The parties did not have a contract and she'd like the school to stop using her work or compensate her appropriately.

16-375 Film/TV, Other, Theater Pro Bono

An award winning musical theater composer needs help setting up a business with a silent partner and protecting his intellectual property.

16-426 Film/TV, Music, Performance Art Pro Bono

Client wants to film and produce a series about street musicians in Chicago hosted by former street musicians. He needs assistance with business formation and startup, including IP protection and help securing licenses/assignments and/or work for hire agreements from participants. He may also have general questions about permitting or other legal requirements when out shooting footage.

16-432 Other Pro Bono

An author seeks help with a publishing contract dispute. Her publisher has failed to perform and is selling Client's book online without Client's consent. Client would like help either terminating the contract or compelling the publisher to perform.

16-516 Dance, Film/T.V., Music, Performance Art, Theater Pro Bono

A concert promoter needs help securing P3 Visas for performing artists from Pakistan.

16-598 Film/TV, Literature, Music, Theater, Other Pro Bono

A writer who did a radio interview of a well known music professional, wants to write a book about the experience and needs legal advice regarding rights of publicity.

16-634 Music Pro Bono

A poet and songwriter recently started a music publishing company and needs start-up advice and help protecting his intellectual property.

17-056 Visual Art Paying

Client creates large scale outdoor art and has been asked to participate in a community redevelopment project. Client needs help drafting and negotiating an agreement that fairly compensates him for the work that he is doing as an artist and the work that he is doing as a consultant.

17-070 Visual Art, Other Pro Bono

Client, a local NFP that employs high school students, needs help negotiating the IP provisions of a contract with another NFP that provides funding for Client's organization.

17-073 Literature Pro Bono

A poet needs help registering her poems with the copyright office, before she publishes her collection.

17-079 Literature Pro Bono

Client has written three parodies of popular children's books and would like counsel to evaluate the extent to which his work would be considered fair use.

17-104 Music Pro Bono

Client collaborated with another artist on a song in 1995. The other artist released the song and has been collecting royalties. Client has never been compensated although the other artist admits that Client shares the copyright on the work. The song has been, and continues to be, sold as a single and as part of a compilation; and is now being re-released by other producers. Client needs help to resolve this dispute and recover amounts owed.

17-113 Dance, Music, Performance Art, Theater Pro Bono

A small NFP performing arts organization plans to hire three independent contractors and needs agreements drafted for an executive director, a marketing person, and a business manager.

17-116 Visual Art Pro Bono

A talented and prominent fiber artist needs help protecting her intellectual property. Her work has been copied numerous times, but she is more interested in protecting her rights going forward than in pursuing an action for infringement.

17-118 Dance, Film/TV, Literature, Music, Performance Art, Theater, Visual Art Pro Bono

Client is a new organization that seeks to promote social justice and address the economic issues facing the Chicago fine arts community. Client has already had some success with legislation and needs help with the language for a proposed referendum that would increase funding to the local fine arts community.

17-119 Film/TV Undetermined

TV pilot writer has been offered a year long option agreement and needs counsel to review the contract.

17-124 Music Pro Bono

A music composer needs a license agreement to allow a video producer to use her music.

17-126 Performance Art, Theater Pro Bono

A local NFP is presenting a festival to highlight the works of certain playwrites and performers and needs a contract of engagement for the three groups that are coming from outside the country. (LCA has some festival agreements).

17-131 Film/TV Pro Bono

Client seeks legal advice on a documentary film featuring a historic American humanitarian. Client has a collection of releases from the subjects he interviewed, permission to use existing footage, and an agreement with the humanitarian's living daughter. He seeks review of his agreements and help acquiring any additional rights to assign to his existing small videography business or a new entity.

17-136 Theater Pro Bono

A NFP theatre needs help with dissolution.

17-146 Literature Pro Bono

The author of the first in a series of self-help books, needs advice regarding business structure and help registering two trademarks.

17-148 Literature Pro Bono

An author (Client) initiated a book project with a partner who did very little work and then dropped out of the project. They had no written agreement. Now, a few years later, the author (Client) has a contract from an agent that requires that she confirm that she created the work. Client seeks legal advice and help resolving any copyright issues with the partner who did claim rights when she withdrew from the project.