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Case # Legal Category Arts Category Client Type Description
16-432 Other Pro Bono

Litigation Pending. Author filed a pro se complaint against her publisher for breach of contract and needs representation. Action is pending in the Law Division of the Circuit Court.

16-584 Film/TV Contingent Fee (PB Eligible)

Litigation Pending. A screenwriter filed a pro se complaint, now pending in the Northern District of Illinois, for copyright infringement, breach of implied contract based on the submission of his idea, and deceptive trade practices. The defendants are major media entities. Client is hoping to secure representation on a contingent fee basis.

16-634 Music Pro Bono

Start-up Help Music Publishing. A poet and songwriter recently started a music publishing company and needs start-up advice and help protecting his intellectual property.

17-143 Visual Art, Other Pro Bono

Litigation Evaluation. A talented street artist had a permit to perform on city streets, but recently the permit was revoked after the ordinance governing street performances was changed. Client's position raises 1st Amendment and other issues that appear colorable and needs representation to negotiate a change in the city's position.

17-158 Film/TV, Literature, Music, Performance Art, Theater, Visual Art Pro Bono

Collaboration Agreement. A poet needs a collaboration agreement with an illustrator for a book of poetry. He also needs legal advice regarding copyright registration.

17-166 Film/TV, Literature, Music, Theater Pro Bono

License for a Theatrical Performance. Client is a small NFP that preserves and shares the history of one of Chicago's greatest disasters. Recently, a theatrical performance about the event, nominated for multiple awards, was produced. Client has a verbal agreement with the writers to allow Client to license the production to other theaters around the country and internationally. Client needs help formalizing the agreement with the copyright holders and a template agreement for use with the theaters who will license the work.

17-181 Literature Pro Bono

Publishing Contract Dispute. Author needs help terminating her publishing agreement based on breach of a written contract and evaluating potential claims against the publisher.

17-183 Other Pro Bono

Start-up Help Glass-blowing Workshop. Clients plan to open a facility to teach glass-blowing; and to sell jewelry and pipes. They need legal advice regarding business structure and two contracts, one for workshop partipants and one for artist collaborators. They also need advice regarding local licensing requirements.

17-184 Film/TV, Visual Art Pro Bono

Start-up Help Art Curator. Client needs legal advice regarding business structure. She runs an annual film festival and curates art events. She has run shows with video art as well as 2D and 3D art installations.

17-191 Visual Art Pro Bono

Litigation Evaluation. Client lost his studio in a foreclosure action and needs help evaluating whether there are any options for him at this time. He claims that he paid the loan balance off in full and that the mortgage lien should have been released; but he lost in the circuit court, and the appeallate court; then the Illinois Supreme Court declined the case.

17-227b Visual Art, Other Pro Bono

Standard Contracts for a Visual Artist. A visual artist and designer, needs help drafting two standardized contracts for her services.

17-228 Theater Pro Bono

Employment Dispute. Client was hired as a director by a theatre company, but the company has not honored the contract, ostensibly for financial reasons unrelated to Client's performance. Client needs an attorney to evaluate her claim against the theatre and potentially represent her.

17-251 Visual Art Pro Bono

Standard Contract for a Graphic Designer. A graphic design artist who also provides photography services needs a form contract for use with her customers.

17-266 Other Pro Bono

Start-up Help Artist Management. Clients provide management services for artists and arts organizations in the African American community, including securing bookings and negotiating contracts. Clients need legal help with business structure.

17-268 Music, Visual Art Pro Bono

Start-up Help Band Manager. A young band manager needs start-up advice and one contract for the two bands that he is managing.

17-277 Dance Pro Bono

Standard Rental Agreement. A successful 501(c)3 association of dance companies needs a standard contract to lease equipment it owns to dance companies.

17-286 Film/TV Pro Bono

Contract Review. An actor, and current college student, appeared in a student film two years ago; recently the writer/producer (now graduated) sent Client a release and asked that she sign it. Client needs counsel to review the release and advise.

17-295 Literature Pro Bono

Internet Dispute. A blogger who used a Creative Commons image with proper attribution received a cease and desist letter from at attorney in France alleging infringement and requesting payment. Client seeks legal help to review the documents and provide advice.

17-302 Film/TV Pro Bono

Start-up Help Film-maker. Documentary script writer needs general legal advice regardin film-making and a contract for her videographer.

17-311 Performance Art, Visual Art Pro Bono

Start-up Help Photographer. Client does photography, artist management and graphic design and needs startup advice and help with organizational structure. Client also needs one contract for her photography services and advice regarding trademark.