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Case # Legal Category Arts Category Description
Pro Bono
Literature, Music, Performance Art

Contract Drafting: Producer Agreement: Music

20-002 Singer-songwriter is working with a music producer and needs a Producer Agreement.

Pro Bono

Contract Review: Film Production Agreement

20-063 Writer/Director of an art house horror/comedy needs counsel to review a Production Agreement.

Pro Bono
Dance, Performance Art, Theater

Contract Review: Theater

20-107 Small NFP theater needs counsel to review and evaluate two template agreements that they have been using, 1) an artist agreement, and 2) a technical service provider agreement.

Pro Bono

Copyright: Fair Use

20-126 Author of a picture book based on a famous children's book needs help evaluating whether his work qualifies as a parody under fair use.

Pro Bono
Arts Education

Dispute: Collection and Contract Termination

19-784 Arts and culture education NFP entered into an agreement with another NFP for fundraising services. The fundraising group collected a deposit but failed to perform. Client needs help recovering amounts he paid.

Pro Bono
Theater, Film/T.V.

Dispute: Contract Termination: Talent Agent Agreement

20-066 Actor needs help evaluating her talent agent agreement and determining what her obligations are under the agreement. The talent agent seems to be trying to modify the terms of the agreement. Client also needs help evaluating whether she should terminate the agreement.

Pro Bono

Employment: NFP Employee Manual Review

20-082 Literary NFP with three employees needs counsel to review their employee handbook.

Pro Bono
Dance, Music, Theater, Film/T.V.

Immigration: Music

19-718 Venezuelan music theater student who is in the US on a J-1 Visa, is graduating in May and needs help with an O-1 Visa application.

Pro Bono

Patent Application: Music

20-102 Inventor of a new kind of microphone needs patent application help.

Pro Bono

Start-up Advice and Contract Drafting: Release: Film

20-104 True crime documentary filmmaker needs start-up advice, help with business structure, and a Interview Release form.

Pro Bono

Start-up Advice: Music

20-077 Blues/soul/funk musician needs start-up advice and help with business structure.

Pro Bono

Start-up Advice: NFP

19-891 Client provides teens with baseball training under an LLC. Client would like to offer the same services to teens from low-income families through a NFP. Client needs help setting up the related NFP.

Pro Bono
Dance, Performance Art

Start-up Advice: NFP Dance

19-491 NFP dance group needs help evaluating whether there are any legal issues they need to address before offering programs that include both adolescent girls and adults.

Pro Bono

Trademark Office Action: Fashion

19-862 Fashion designer applied for trademark protection and received an Office Action for failing to state a filing basis. Client needs help responding to the Office Action.